Is there a "paradise area"?

I`m looking at renting for couple of months max and then to buy. I want to live somewhere the schools are excellent, the locals friendly, for it to be safe for my children (12 & 13) to play, for there to no crime or minimal crime! for there to be plenty of activities/clubs for my children after school. To be nowhere near council houses. I want to move over in 6 months and find a piece of "heaven or paradise" is that too much to ask? When we visited last October we liked Flagstaff hill, Marino, Hallet Cove, West Lakes and Port Noarlunga. I know it might sound a stupid or ignorant question to ask, but I know if somebody asked me where was the best area to live in my home town in the U.K. I would be able to give advice on which area is the "sought after area". Any advice comments would be greatly appreciated. Also I don`t mind children going to state or private school. Thanks again
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Alex Ellis 2yrs+
Hi Barry Family,

I love your question as it raises a few points about suburbs and the benefits of living in each:

1) There is actually a suburb called "Paradise" (postcode 5075) near the Adelaide CBD (see:,138.675394&z=14&t=m&hl=en-US&gl=US&mapclient=embed&q=Paradise+SA+5075+Australia&source=newuser-ws)

2) On a less cheeky note, you appear to be referring to the utopian society that is "Paradisiacal", and fortunately, there are many suburbs in Adelaide that fit that description. (A previous poster believes Brighton is Paradise... and fair enough) However, there are a number of factors that you have highlighted and each suburb has it's unique pros and cons.

3) If I was to ask you about your home town in the UK, could you describe it as Paradise? If not, then did you live in a suburb that neighboured what Paradise means to you? Similarly, there are suburbs that are highly regarded for their proximity to the CBD and rarely enter the market because the residents are so pleased with their location, they'd never shift.

4) You mentioned a few western/southern suburbs that are highly sought after as they are near the beach and who doesn't want to live near the beach? If price is no objection, then look for any property with "Esplanade" in the title and you won't be disappointed.

5) Alternatively, you may be looking for a tree-change and any suburb with "Hill" or "Hills" in the name gives that connotation.

6) Thinking of your children's future, you may want to consider their future education plans also. There are 3 major universities in Adelaide and if your kids are talented, they'd be easily placed in one of those 3. Adelaide (, Flinders ( & UniSA (
It's a few years away but some courses are more prestigious than others.

Hope that helps you in your future plans!
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EliseM 2yrs+
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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