Ashfield mall to get huge makeover

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mikelarch 2yrs+
I’ve been a resident owner of Ashfield now for over 12 years. Personally Ashfield mall has gone downhill now that they have removed the one & only bookstore (Angus & Robertson), the Musicfront store and the lovely sandwich shop has also gone. Too much market saturation of chemist shops because everyone is sick because there is no green space of parks. There used to be a lovely Italian restaurant downstairs in the mall but that’s been replaced by another chemist shop too. We have three supermarkets, one which replaced Target which was the competitor to Kmart. There are plenty of junk shops opening up with woks, pots and pans and other reject rubbish & some cosway online store of unnecessary items. Trashfield mall has gone to the dogs. I asked the ladies in centre management about this but one of them said she doesn’t know what’s in it as she doesn’t shop in her own mall she’s managing! Speaks volumes. Moreover whatever happened to Abacus and their plans for more commercial stores with important items to sell? Blockbuster up the road has vanished and we have no hardware store except Bunnings a mile up the road not to mention the lovely community theatre we had near the mall. I think the mall is catering more for ladies because we seem to be inundated with their clothing everywhere. Hopefully the buses will run on time so I can now shop at Westfields in Burwood.
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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