How is Aubin Grove in general?

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I am planning to build a house in Perth and am considering Aubin Grove. I just wanted to know how is the suburb in general in terms of family life, shops, transport and restaurants. If you can let me know your kind suggestions, that would be great. I am into engineering by profession and it's been a year now here in Perth and I like it here.


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isabella01 2yrs+
The suburb is a very quite area, with very friendly kind people. There are several different shops in the area including: IGA, Liquor Land, Fishy Fishy (fish and chip shop) The Dentist, Chemist, Hairdressers, chiropractor, Chinese food, a small gym and a few others. A huge Coles is just being build in the new part of Atwell which is right in front of Aubin Grove, with also a Buggles being built. Approximately 5 minutes away is a huge shopping centre called Gateways, it would have everything you need (including the cinemas and target being build as well as several other shops.) The transport is fantastic, bus's come exactly on the time it's been said, with a time schedule being build on every bus stop, there is no need to call transport to know when the bus comes, instead plan ahead. In 2015 a train station will be built in Aubin Grove, which would be very handy considering Cockburn Train station is only five minutes away, although to get to Aubin Grove, a bus is needed. Also the next stop on the train after Cockburn is Mandurah, so it is very useful knowing there will be a train station right in your suburb. There are a few restaurants, although not directly in Aubin Grove. There is a few in Gateways and also Atwell, they are all quite popular.
I hope this helped you out in some way
Kind Regards.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
akmirror Thanks for the kind reply. I am looking for land in there. Are there any available that you could see. I mean for building purposes. My wife is a nurse and so she thinks it is better in there , close to Murdoch, Rockingham Hospitals, Fiona Stanley. Hence our interest in Aubin Grove. Thanks again.
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