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Hi Everyone

I'll apologise now as I'm sure you get this one all the time but I would like an up to the minute view. I'm sure things can change quick due to the amount of development in Victoria.

I would really appreciate some honest thoughts on nice suburbs if you can spare a few minutes. I will put as much detail as I can. Thought it would be easier not to provide ones we are looking at as the posts just turn into slating all the areas.

We are moving to Melbourne in November from the UK. Myself, wife and 2 boys 7 & 10. We are not city dwellers so will be looking anywhere from 20-60k outside CBD. Although I will work in CBD I am used to traveling 5-6 hours a day to work so anything less than that is a bonus.

Will rent for up to a year but will spend our first 10 days or so looking at different suburbs to settle in. We do t really want to move the kids around if we can help it.

We have a budget up to $600,000 but could push it to maybe $630,000 and the important factors are as follows:
decent size 4 bed (pool preferred but not a deal breaker)
decent plot ideally 600-800m but would consider less
safe neibourhood
decent government schools (don't need to be the best)
reasonable distance to train station for commute to CBD (this way we can get by with 1 car)
good for dogs
beach not essential
good community atmospher for families

Sorry it's a long one. Many thanks and look forward to joining you all

all thoughts much appreciated.
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Daniel Ruben Nov 13, 2016
You need to double your budget if you want to live somewhere decent. For 600K you'd be limited to an impoverished outer suburb with terrible infrastructure and services.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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