2.0 out of 10

Battery Road, Williamstown

-37.8694886644 144.909511997
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"what a hole"

Industrial space and dirt. That pretty much sums up the feel of the place. We got lost looking for our hotel, traveled too far south, and ended up here. We're traumatized such a hideously empty place exists so close to a beautiful place like The Strand.

The view of the ocean is pretty as long as you don't look inland or particularly close to the shore. Yuck. Recommended only for people you don't like.

Unranked Streets in Williamstown

"A Wonderful Street for Families"
-37.8638366829 144.8809208252

Cole Street

"Great place to live"
-37.8626755507 144.9029959966
"what a hole"
-37.8694886644 144.909511997

Nelson Pl

"Healthly Atmosphere, Supurb Culture"
-37.8614427016 144.9025725248
"Nice place to live"
-37.8649124377 144.8874914672
"A street where we all look out for one another."
-37.8581744561 144.8870133539

Dover Rd

"Appeals to all!"
-37.8514501348 144.8968488263
"A quiet side street only meters from the shops and the train and a stroll to the beach."
-37.8582051919 144.8918081467
"Best of old and new "
-37.8619447205 144.8861390897
"wonderful neighbours, great location"
-37.8543871162 144.8969581093