Anzac Parade, Maroubra. Any Housing Commission issues?

Anzac Parade, corner of Beauchamp Rd, Maroubra. Any issues with the locals in nearby housing commissions? Specifically at "Duffy's Corner"
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tt21 2yrs+
Hi, I live in Duffy's Corner and I haven't had any issues or experience directly with any of the housing commission residents. I have seen them around (and you can always tell who they are) but they've posed no threat to me but I am never really in a position to be approached. I being a woman wouldn't feel comfortable walking down the street at night though (during the day is fine!). We have a car and I don't really catch buses or walk much but I would be wary of walking through the blocks of New Orleans Cres, Minneapolis Cres, Portland Cres, Lexington shops etc.
Sometimes we hear carryings on at the bus stop out the front, girls screaming, boys swearing, bottles breaking (in the middle of the night!) It's really disturbing to me, I just think to myself GO HOME losers! There are security at the bus stops I don't know how effective they are though.

We are really hoping they are going to clean up the area in the next few years, Maroubra is such a prime beach side suburb it's a shame to have SO MUCH housing commission blocks. It really puts a stigma on the suburb.

Also, I am pretty sure all the apartments in Duffy's are privately owned and rented. If you are looking to buy in Duffy's I can give you some advice on that if you wish.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
sydneye Here you go again poor bashing, with the intention to help the government to privatise more of the public assets for profit.
Who knows? Looking at this Neo-Liberal extreme right wing government , taking everything which belong the all (all public assets) to give to the few) it perhaps was them who posted that negative comment about the people in housing commission. So they gain public..for sure devepopers, support.
I wish that the person who makes such comments have her/himself a strike of bad luck and lose the capacity to pay the outrageously high rent prices or lose their own house, so they will see why people need to live in the housing commission.
Yes there are other ways to deal with bad behaviour; JOBS, FAIR salaries, education, and health. But the more privatisations there is, and the more money the government put in constructing intra-struture, to immediately give it to the private to collect the benefits like ; Building roads with publis money and giving the tolls to the private. The more problems agggravate.
And it is not with redneck commets that the problem is going to be solved. But with JOBS, FAIR SALARIES and Education and Health.
Do what with that Public space?? Give it to Trigaboff -Meriton, to build the shameless cages they did in Mascot and Eastgardens? Shame on you!!
Dec 10, 2019
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