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Hi guys. We're relocating to Berwick next year and my daughter is starting year 7. I'm going to do some tours of local schools but would appreciate any advice or opinions. My partner is from Berwick and he and his siblings have warned me against some schools in the area so I'm a bit weary about making the wrong decision. I was looking into Berwick Secondary as a good option. Pros & Cons?
Thanks in advance
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ms8 Mar 09, 2017
My children do not go to Berwick Secondary.
We did look at sending our eldest last year (yr.7). Only reason we didn't is because of the size.
CON...It is a big school !! Lots and lots of buses. Some facilities need an update.

PRO'S...However, lots of friends have nothing but praise for Berwick Secondary. Their children are doing well.
Some doing Basketball Academy, Dance Academy and High Achievers Program.
It has a good reputation now. Also Children seem to get extra help, if needed, according to what I hear.
They seem to put in lots of effort to make sure the children's social/emotional wellbeing is catered for now.
There seems to be lots of pathways and guidance for children to get to a career they are interested in. They start discussing career pathways quite early on, I hear.
Grounds are good.

I hear Kambrya is not a good school. I would not go there.

My children go to Beaconhills College and we absolutely love it !
I can only offer my knowledge from almost sending my children to Berwick Secondary and knowledge of friends.
I hope my answer helps.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
Kath Jane
Kath Jane Thanks so much for your input
Mar 12, 2017
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