Can someone please tell me which ones are good streets in Berwick?

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cr2 2yrs+
Look at streets off edrington park drive, fairholme boulevarde and bryn mawr blvd if you want to sit in the middle of all the good private/semi private schools. Berwick primary for public also has an excellent rep.

The next is olde berwick around brisbane street and elgin street.

You would need a budget of 800k+
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
danicherrie 2yrs+
Berwick has grown so much &
There are lots of good streets, too many to mention but you probably couldn't go too far wrong with most streets Northside. What area in Berwick you are looking at?
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
PankajS Thanks for reply. I'm planning to buy house because of good schools. Please let me know good streets near lodge primary school and berwick primary school. Thanks again for your time.
mickys So, have you found the street bcoz I'm in same position now.
Please suggest good streets near some good primary school.
ms8 Hi, Depends what type of home you are looking for, your $ and what you think is 'good' in a street.
Berwick Primary has lots of nice streets around it. Newer houses, nice estate.
I hear its a good school. Unless you lived in that estate, you would have to drive to school possibly.
If you had a home in that area, you would have good access to Berwick Village, Beaconsfield shops also.
Plus Beaconhills College, Berwick Secondary College and Haileybury College too.
I hear anything not close to the freeway, is good...Kenny, Canberra, Lowanna,
Hobart, Packard, are street names for an example. But having said that, i know someone living on Piermont who is very happy.
I don't think there's a high turn over of property in that estate, so people must like it and not want to move!
Around Berwick Lodge Primary not as nice streets. Older homes. However some may be
going through a renovation period, so slowly improving. Not bad though!
As person said above, North side couldn't go too far wrong and there are lots of good streets. Less traffic, north side, in my opinion.
Anything North side, near freeway or Ernst Wanke Road could be a bit noisy....Try a couple of streets in.
Lots of people walk down Parkhill Drive and cross the highway, to attend Berwick Lodge Primary.
I used to live in the area of Lawrence Drive, Balfour Court, Werona Court, Avebury Drive, Telford Drive and our neighbours went to Berwick Lodge Primary. Some great streets.
Now live near Bellbird Park and neighbours attend Berwick Primary, Harkaway Primary or Timbarra P-9.
I wouldn't recommend Timbarra P-9 Primary itself, but there are some lovely homes nearby.
Homes near Bellbird park or Glenside reserve are nice but again..there are many, many nice streets.
Some near Timbarra Park are nice streets too. Maybe some more renters in that pocket, but in general people are friendly and take care with their homes.
Google Street view is a great tool. However... if you can, You really need to park the car and wander! That's what we did.
Good Luck!
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