Where is the nearest shopping centre to Bibra Lake?

My husband and I are moving from the UK in 3 weeks... I will be working in East Perth and we really like the look of Bibra Lake! Does it take long to get to the city? It's hard to imagine the traffic along the freeway in the mornings if people are driving to work... Also where the nearest coffee shops / restaurants / shopping centres would be! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Michael Beck 2yrs+
As long as you are on the freeway before 7am you'll have a good run into the city and it'll probably take around 25-30 minutes. If you miss that window you are more likely to spend 40 or more minutes getting there. Bibra Lake is a great suburb and is surrounded by shopping options. There's Phoenix Shopping Centre which is on the small side, but also has easy access to Gateway Shopping Centre or Garden City Shopping Centre. All of these options are also surrounded by restaurants & coffee shops :). Hope this helps!
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
FayeR Thank you very much Michael that's a great help!! A lot of people are voting for bibra lake and kardinya south of the river and duncraig / Hillary's north of the river... Is there a divide between north of south in terms of preference of living?? Thanks
Michael Beck
Michael Beck Honestly, I've lived both North & South and you really don't notice any difference in lifestyle....there are lots of generations here however that have only ever lived North or South and will swear black and blue how much better their spot is :).
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