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JessQ Sep 10, 2015
We (2 adults, 2 primary school kids) are moving to Brisbane next year and will be looking for acreage that has easy access to the CBD and Pinkenba. The area also needs to have great state schools as we've decided to get out of the private system.

I've been really drawn to the Pullenvale/Anstead area as the schools seem great but there are a few factors putting me off:

* no train to the CBD
* no shops or nice cafes (is this true?)
* an hour long drive to/from the CBD in peak hour (also, is this true?)

I was wondering if any Brisbane locals could make recommendations of really nice acreage areas to live? Or tell me if Pullenvale/Anstead is still worth considering? Prepared to spend up to about $1 mill and don't want anyone trying to sell their property to me on this thread as I will assume straightaway that their advice is biased/has an agenda :-)

Thank you in advance!
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
CathyH1 Oct 03, 2015
Hi JessQ, I moved from Sydney to Redland City about 15 years ago. Love it here, absolutely. My kids have grown up here ... and it has been great for them. They've had a good education from the local public schools.
If you are looking for easy access to Pinkenba, I suggest you stay on the east side of the city. This means that you would avoid driving through the CBD to get there.
Acreages within an easy 15-20 min drive of Pinkenba would be at Chandler or Belmont. There is also a good bus service to the CBD from both suburbs. About 30 mins to the CBD on the bus I think? You can check this out at Translink. Probably only 20 mins to the CBD if you drive.
You could also look at living at Sheldon or the very southern part of Capalaba (these suburbs are in Redland City). This is the area I live in. It is a little further to CBD but still manageable. There is a major bus interchange at Capalaba and you can drive to this (easy parking) and catch an express bus to CBD (check Translink). If you drive to the CBD (not too difficult in Brisbane) you can do the trip in 35-40 mins from the southern part of Capalaba, if you leave reasonably early.
On the eastern side of the city there is fantastic shopping at Carindale as well as good shopping at Capalaba. Beautiful Moreton Bay and Stradbroke Island are on your doorstep (ferry from Cleveland). Wellington Point & Cleveland are nearby and have nice cafes & restaurants and a lovely village atmosphere. Redland City also has lots of bush, birdlife & native animals ... we have koalas wandering through our yard regularly.
Good luck with your search! Cathy :)
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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