moving to Brisbane from NZ

I am moving to Gold Coast (possibly Brisbane) next year with my 5 children and recently retired father.

Can anyone please recommend some good second hand car dealers, I am wanting to pick up a cheap second hand 7-8 seater as well as a cheapo little car for my daughter to drive between home and uni. I just want something to get us going initially, once established I can buy a nicer car, though dont want a rustbucket either. Both cars need to be reliable. I have heard that the gold coast cars can be a bit dodgy due to rust so am happy to go to a dealer in brisbane, we will hire a car for 1 week on arrival, so will be wanting to purchase very quickly. Is there any info I need to look for when purchasing a car, here in nz we only have to worry about rego and wof and its nz wide. what is this RWC I see some cars dont have (was looking on gumtree)

I am wanting to also sort out a rental property before arrival, I want to have one sorted so I just need to pick up the keys on arrival basically as with 5 children to organise .... i dont want to waste large amounts of money on holiday accommodation. I plan to prepay for 3 months ahead to allow time to find a job etc. Can anyone recommend any rental companies that will do that? I would like to contact them ahead of time so I can register my interest in what area I want to be in and how many bedrooms etc, as I will want to look at primary and high schools as my younger children will be primary school age.

So far I have had figures of between $5-6000 to move our furniture. I am wanting to look at different options whether we purchase some good quality second hand items on arrival and just send minimal non urgent items (ie family treasures) by sea. My concern is that it will take 4-8 weeks for our container to arrive by sea.... however for those 4-8 weeks we basically have nothing, so what to do in the meantime. my fridge, freezer, washing machine and loungesuite are all under 6mths old and I would get no where near their value selling them. Does anyone who has made the move from NZ (Christchurch) either recommend some reasonable companies that allow you to self pack, or can anyone recommend some reasonable second hand dealers so I can just work out which is the best option.

We will be bringing some pets with us, as I have bred pedigree cats for over 20 years, these dont go outside/run loose. Are there any laws etc I need to be made aware of? The cost to bring them over is just the value of one cat so its certainly more viable for me to bring a selection of my lines over with me.

Is there any other info anyone recommends I need to research etc, as I want to cover absolutely everything, the move is going to cost about $20k so any suggestions where I can save costs is much appreciated.
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