Mills family owned property in Bunganail in the late 19th, early 20 century.

My Grandfather was one of 13 or 14 children Of Jessie and James Mills who ended up in Katamatite, but according to an old shire map they owned land in Bunganail. They were poor farmers and some of the geneaology shows acreage there prior to moving to Katty. I would be grateful for any information provided to help my 90 year old father sort out his family tree and 'roots'. Regards Wendy (nee Mills)
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WendyB Apr 21, 2017
Thanks Trevor for your response to a message I don't remember leaving.

Apparently there were 2 Mills clans in Katty, but you sound like you're from ours.

We have a lengthy history on the Mills family my aunt put together and I think Dad is planning to take a trip this year to Katamatite. We visited another cousin there last year on a trip up 'country'. Dad is nearly 92 and still very active.

Harry Mills (my grandfather) was the not the youngest of the 13 kids. He ws a superintendent in the police force. They moved around quite a bit during his career. His wife was Alice May (nee Ellis). Dad, Norman Mills, had 1 younger brother William (dec). I am one of Dad's three daughters and his brother had 1 daughter and 2 sons - all of us living and between 60 and 70.
Only Dad, one sister and I are all still in the Melbourne burbs, the rest are in NSW.

Just rang Dad. Yes, he used to spend time with Max, his cousin, and his lovely Mum (Max's Dad was nicknamed Tiny). The kids chased foxes along the fences with big stag hounds. My Dad was waffling on quickly and mentioned Beth, Max's sister, and her hubby Graham who we saw last year in Shepparton. We also visited Lorna, Uncle Jims daughter. Jim was the 4th oldest and in WW2. Max's Dad was a lovely bloke and my Dad thinks he may have had a dairy farm and been Mayor around that area in the 'olden days'.

I get so confused going backwards with this family roots stuff. The furthest I could go was the next two generations further back in England and Oz. I will grab all the paperwork from Dad if you wish to get any further with your research. Dad's not into computers, so it's all down on paper and up to me to find info, in between babysitting any, or some, of my 7 grandchildren.

Hope this helps.
Regards Wendy nee Mills email:

PS If you want any more info please reply with your personal email and I will ask Dad if he wishes me to send you more. There's lots.
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trevorm6 Apr 20, 2017
Hi WendyB. My name is Trevor Mills. I am the grandson of the late Arthur Alexander Mills who was the second youngest of James and Jessie Mills 13 children. I currently live in Katamatite. I have been interested in tracing the Mills family for some time and casually typed in James and Jessie's names and up came your post. It seems your father would be my father's first cousin. My father's name is Max (passed away in 1986 aged 56). Hoping to hear from you. Trevor Mills
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WendyB Did you get this email Trevor? I sent it via the address at the top of your message to me and it came back through the help centre of Homely
Apr 21, 2017
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