Where can I find the best hamburger in Calamvale?

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Shauny 2yrs+
An excellent question.

If you're after a classic chip shop style hamburger, there's a fish 'n' chip shop called Kameruka Seafood in the small shopping centre at the corner of Beaudesert Rd and Kameruka St. (where the Night Owl, Domino's Pizza, Subway, etc are).

They only opened late last year, but I've had their works burger, plain burger, and steak burger a few times, and they've been good every time. Good chips too, but the serving size in the meal deal is a tad small. The burgers are a decent size, though.

Alternatively, there's Jack's Cafe near Coles in Sunnybank Hills Shopping Town, which is right next to Calamvale on Compton Rd. Their burgers are pretty good, but I'd say Kameruka Seafood is a little better. Plus the wait time at Jack's has been pretty long both times I've been there. Still good though.

One place I've yet to try is the Fish King Cafe at Calamvale Marketplace, cnr of Beaudesert Rd and Nottingham Rd. Pretty sure they do burgers as well, and have been meaning to give them a shot.

Good luck on your burger quest.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
Shauny I wish I hadn't bothered answering this question.

AshleyP is presumably one of the site's creators and is just asking loads of questions on a range of subjects in suburbs all over the map, most likely to generate user-content from well-meaning passersby like myself.

Total waste of time.
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