We are wanting to buy in this area, we are moving from Perth, are there lots of snakes?

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Dianne Deem 2yrs+
Hi Charmaine, Probably no more than in Perth, I have been living in Brisbane, around this area for nearly 30 years, and in that time I have seen two snakes. Southside is a great place to live, very convenient to everything freeways, Shopping Centres, close to Gold Coast etc. Good luck with your move, Dianne Deem Ray White Holland Park
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
charm Hello Dianne, thank you for your response and please excuse my ignorance. My mother in law stays in Upper Coomera Gold Coast and last summer found one Eastern Brown snake in her house which she had to get a snake catcher out and two in her garden. I have been looking on line and reading snakes catches comments and listing of collections so hence my apprehension.
Dianne Deem
Dianne Deem Your mother probably lived near bushland, but as a general rule their isnt a lot of snakes in the city suburbs.
danwoz I also have a friend down that way and they have had a couple of snakes around their place in the last three years. Apart from Adelaide I really don't think snakes are a huge issue in a City or built up suburbs
Lynda and Mel
Lynda and Mel Hi Charm, There are no more snakes in Carindale than other suburbs. You may get the odd one if you live close to a reserve or park but in general they prefer to stay in their own "homes" rather than yours! Mel & Lynda, MV Real Estate
emilyw5 I actually disagree with the comments issued here that there are not many snakes in the city suburbs. I have seen several snakes in the Carindale region as of late, including an adult brown snake. We had a brown snake outside our door a few years ago and, by the grace of God, nobody was injured. I have also recently spoken to an advisor at a pet store who told me that a lady came home to find her two puppies killed my a brown snake. I'm a professional who has lived in the Carindale region for many years and I have certainly seen an increase in snakes which may be attributable to, inter alia, climate change and urbanisation. I'm not overtly concerned about non-lethal snakes albeit when it comes down to the second most venemous snake in the world (the brown snake) then, certainly, there is cause for concern.
It seems that quite a few suburbs do have snake encounters including Jacobs Well and Dara. For instance, we were speaking to a lady who lived in a development in Jacobs Well who found a taipan under her dining room table. Secondly, a huge adult brown snake was photographed, and subsquently sent around social media, after being seen at a local Brisbane train station.
So, clearly snakes are around at the suburbs and, yes, try to avoid living nearby bushland albeit snakes may be found elsewhere. A man was only bitten recently by a snake in the city and I have heard other stories (true) about snakes away from the typical bush settings.
So, I would strongly recommend in engaging in your own research, including looking at snake catcher's social media sites, and seeing which suburbs and location is best for you.
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danwoz 2yrs+
Hi there,no there are very few snakes in this area, there is a huge reserve area and most of them stay in there, I have only seen 4 and all have been in the reserve.
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