Any current info on buying and living in Clarence Point Tasmania now 2020.

The usual saw a place online. Just wondering what living, climate, shopping, casual teaching would be like here.

Any info greatly accepted.
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trish rock Jul 21, 2020
I have lived in Clarence Point for 7 years. To address your queries:
"living"- 300 full-time residents. Given it's a village surrounded by farmland, it's pretty quiet except in summer more activity on river. On weekends people fish on river. There are only houses in CP, ie no shops or services. No reticulated water or sewerage so we all live on tank water and have septic tanks or biocycle. Majority of residents are retired. Quite a few working from home. Hardly any children here.
"climate"- Because close to sea and river, milder than say Launceston itself. Similar to Southern Victoria climate.
"shopping"- Have to drive to Beaconsfield about 13 mins drive. 2 Supermkts, newsagent, PO, 2 doctors, a pharmacy, ambulance, a cafe, a bakery. No clothing or furniture.
"- Casual teaching"- primary school in Beaconsfield and Family Centre also. Closest high school is Exeter High School about 30 mins drive south. School bus. Beware of real estate sites that mention GeorgeTown only "2 km away"-ie by swimming across the 1km wide river! The only bridge, Batman Bridge, is about 25 mins drive away! It takes as long to get to GeorgeTown as it does to Launceston-50mins. Hope this helps.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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