Moving to Perth (Clarkson)

Im planning on moving out to Perth in the new year and have been looking on various sites for property.I will be looking to rent initially until I familiarise myself with Australia..I will also be bringing my small dog too..Can anyone help me with best places...I have been looking at Clarkson as the houses seem good value and also with me not really knowing anything about perth I thought a new estate like this may be the best option as you really know what your getting with a new build and estate..Is this the case?I would love any feedback on area distance to beach etc..My main concern is my dog and if anyone has brought there beloved family member with them from the UK..How long do they have to stay in shelter once they arrive in Australia..My local vet seems to think its around 3 weeks...Is that correct?Ive been googling etc and have found some great information and companies that will collect him from uk and do everything however I'm just really enquiring if anyone has first hand experience in doing this.
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