What are real estate values like in Deception Bay?

I bought a unit in 2007 at brisbane cres - bought off the plan $289k - I have been trying to sell it and the best price I can get is $225k does anyone think the property market will pick up
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Lydia Robins 2yrs+
I work for Ray White Deception Bay & the market remains stable with steady sales being made. The increased investor activity has continued to gather momentum with some purchasers buying multiple properties. The reduction in interest rates will fuel this trend - Some financial experts are predicting a further rate reduction in the coming months. These trends should contribute to a steady improvement in the volume of sales and a modest increase in prices in the short to mid term. Rental demand continues to be robust with vacancy rates at very low levels. Let me know if you wish our office to have a go at selling your property for you. Otherwise, we are local market leaders and can manage the property for you. :) Lydia Robins - Ray White Deception Bay 0438 166 763
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michaeld29 Hi Lydia, can you comment on the 6 or 12 month trend youre seeing for days on market for houses in deception bay?
Lisa Cresswell
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Oct 13, 2019
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Anette Capuzzi Jul 23, 2019
The prices probably will go up because of the inflation rate we are getting and in the following years According to the source http://www.vivalanguageservices.co.uk/blog/8-tools-to-learn-chinese-more-easily/ the property will go up and it would be a great time to sell than. I have been waiting myself to sell my property but waiting for the right time
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big gorilla Jun 10, 2019
cut your losses and get rid of it. It's deception bay not hope island.
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nataliek8 2yrs+
I have lived at Bayswater resort since November 2017.
What a fantastic place to live. The townhouses and villas are well thought out and modern and provide a lovely backyard ranging in sizes depending on location and type of townhouse.
The facilities are amazing and well looked after.
In response to the comment above regarding the now previous Manager, I was told nothing but negative things about him as well.
Having said that, not long before we came to the resort, the previous Manager who is commented about in the comment two above sold the business.
I am so pleased he did because the new manager David is nothing short of amazing.
He is very approachable, does everything in his power to make sure his tenants are happy and well looked after as well as making sure the complex is run efficiently and by the body corporate rules but at the same time being very friendly and easy to get along with.
He is great with the complex kids who can at times be a little noisy and always, always there when needed as soon as he is able to.
Bayswater Resort would not be the same without him and the trend with new management now sees units going very quickly when our up for rent.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank David and his family for caring so much about the complex and it’s residents.
This is by far in my opinion the best complex in the area at one of the best prices.
Thank you so much David.
I give five stars πŸ‘πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒΈ
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I have lived in these units for 1.5 years. I am quite close with 1-2 people here who own there units. The onsite body corp is a major issue here with tenants and owners. Many complaints from both resident. Trying to not sound nasty, but he is externally intrusive, appearing intonwindows, yelling at residents front doors/through the windows, hard to communicate with, extremely poor communication, especially with the children which are all scared of "the owner man" as they call him. Our 7yo son is afdraid to go out the front to play in the yard/driveway or go to the pool. I have whitnessed him being externally selfless and abusive to tenants especially when struggling, despite not meeting criteria to do so he will demand money by banging on the front doors of some residents. I found out my poor neighbour was a single father with lucemia, the corp was yelling out the front one day very abusive and the single man of 2 tong boys was in tears, as he was told to "get out 2 days" as he was lacking $120 of his rent that week.

I have encountered intrusive situations many time, weekly knocks on the door to ask silly things, letting himself into my home, having maintenance men come and go without notice, telling my 7yo that if he sees him sitting playing his trucks on the driveway again he will take his trucks. And to be fair this is just the tip of the ice burg. My rent is roughly 2-3 weeks in advance and I'm a clean and tidy tenant and very quiet, I along with 99% of renters did not have a key to gain access into the complex. The walk in gate was locked with no code provided and no intercom systems installed, and no remotes provided to open the drive in gate, leaving my partner stuck outside every night after 14 hours of working trying to gain access. I have whitnessed a line up of tenants stuck outside on a daily basis. The body corp...has certainly ruined any chance of long term renters in these properties and as I'm aware loss of owners who are selling up. Really dissapointing as they are lovely townhouses with great facilities, in which unfortunately have been locked since I have been here in 2015, no access to pool, BBQ area etc. I am glad to be leaving and will be making a complaint with photographic eveidence of the corp calling my name at the window peering through, opening and coming in, yelling if I don't answer and being border line a suite towards my son and others here. It is so awful, and has been a major impact on the last 1.5 years of our life's.
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Julie Rayner 2yrs+
Hi Nix, I'm selling a unit in Bayswater Resort, Brisbane Cres at the moment. I'm assuming that yours is one of the 3 bedroom variety from the purchase price you indicated. The last couple of months have seen an increase in enquiry and prices are starting to reflect that, however the market has yet to reach a level where you will achieve a profit at sale. I'm sorry to have to tell you the sad truth, but the market is unlikely to support much higher prices in your case, mainly due to the body corp fees at the complex and the heavy competition from other complexes closeby. Although Bayswater Resort properties are generally larger than their competitors, they are older and that, combined with the high body corp costs are the main challenges you will face.
Having said that, the most recent sales have been around $255K for properties similar to yours. Being so close to Christmas, it's a good time to investigate agents and prepare the property for launch on the market in the New Year, if that suits your time-frame. I would expect the market to slow down a little in the lead up to Christmas; most Government departments and lawyers go on holidays at the end of next week and very little will be done until the second week in January - it's the usual seasonal thing. But I also expect the market to pick up where it left off as soon as it's business as usual with all the associated industries, so if you are looking into selling, you'll want to be on the market when it sparks up again mid - late January.
I've written a book to help you sell your house for more and would love to send you a copy to help you prepare for your sale (no cost to you of course). Flick me an email with your details and I'll send your book pack as soon as I get them back from the printer (it's only just been published). If you'd like to get a headstart, I have released the eBook version. Flick me over your email address and I can send you the link and coupon code so that you can download your free copy.
If I can be of any help, give me a call on 0416 213 144 or please consider taking me up on the book offer and flick me an email at julie.rayner@raywhite.com
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