Is Docklands a good place to raise children?

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I was hanging out there at Docklands during the period after Christmas when it was like a ghost town.It was lovely then there are little parks with barbeques and views of water there is a huge library and supermarket.The thing about docklands is that it a changing place because in peek season you have the foot ball stadium and so at those times games are on the docklands then gets inundated with constant crowds people ( which you d have to protect your children from!)and reverllers who go to the pubs and restaurants.It would be quite noisy at those times and you have to watch your kid make sure they don't run out side or run on the peirs.At those times you wouldnt feel such a sense of freedom i. your suburb maybe holed up in a flat..Then during the day its a business area you get streams of suited executives flooding into the offices there and less public ..Docklands has two or three major bank head quarters there so during the week its a pretty serious place .Not so neighborhoodly or homely really bit impersonal.However they do have the services there for you.Its a new suburb so the rest of melbourne hasn't really found it yet so there are times like in the middle of day were there's not many people around because they are in the offices.I also see a lot of new immigrants to Australia there.They have bought flats there to live in .Some have small dogs they take for a run in the park.Docklands is very popular spot for pubs and drinking and dining culture , tourist culture etc.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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