Buy property in Point Cook or Epping?

Hi. I am looking to buy my first property in Melbourne and confused on whether I should buy in Point Cook or Epping. I have been living in PC for the past 1 year now and kind of like the suburb given the nice neighbourhood, shopping facilities, wetlands, parks, etc. I have a young family and like the friendly nature of the residents. However, I work in the city and commute is a bit painful with the road infrastructure and limited parking at the train stations. Only option is paid parking at Williams Landing where you can find a spot at any time of the day. Also, all my friends/relatives lives in the northern suburbs which is why I am thinking of Epping though I know that it would not really help the issue I raised regarding commute to CBD. So I am a bit confused on where should I buy. I know the east is the best but not in my budget for now. I have also been told by many friends to avoid the west which is adding to my state of confusing. Can anyone please share their thoughts to help me come up with a decision?
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