Top Local Experts from Ray White

Wayne Seeman
Wayne Seeman 5,005 points
Lucy Mellor
Lucy Mellor 3,838 points
Mark O'Meagher
Mark O'Meagher 2,978 points
Christine Holowiecki
Christine Holowiecki 2,402 points
Lorraine Waldek
Lorraine Waldek 1,895 points
Andrew Crauford
Andrew Crauford 1,692 points
Ben Boutros
Ben Boutros 1,660 points
Richie Carter
Richie Carter 1,539 points
Krista Sharp
Krista Sharp 1,438 points
Gavin Ottaway
Gavin Ottaway 1,362 points
Steven Peto
Steven Peto 1,360 points
Chris O'Brien
Chris O'Brien 1,282 points
Tony Saunders
Tony Saunders 1,275 points
Murray Story
Murray Story 1,245 points
Matt Debreczeni
Matt Debreczeni 1,194 points
Donna Nicholson
Donna Nicholson 1,126 points
Tiffany Maracic
Tiffany Maracic 1,114 points
Robert Cincotta
Robert Cincotta 1,102 points
Chris Bursey
Chris Bursey 1,055 points
Bianca Denham
Bianca Denham 996 points
George Kargiotis
George Kargiotis 978 points
Karlee Somerset
Karlee Somerset 969 points
Sarah Fisher
Sarah Fisher 916 points
Mark Balkaya
Mark Balkaya 890 points
Dianne Deem
Dianne Deem 867 points
Brett Pilgrim
Brett Pilgrim 801 points
Angelo and Sue Valente
Angelo and Sue Valente 793 points
Matt Roffe
Matt Roffe 768 points
Tom Ladas
Tom Ladas 736 points
Sam Doman
Sam Doman 715 points
Lloyd Edwards
Lloyd Edwards 696 points
Paulwrigley 682 points
James Sarzano
James Sarzano 673 points
Peter Vinci
Peter Vinci 668 points
Lesley Rowan
Lesley Rowan 653 points
Mark Carew
Mark Carew 630 points
Dan Sowden
Dan Sowden 601 points
Georgina Bueti
Georgina Bueti 592 points
Bek - Team Kerr
Bek - Team Kerr 578 points
Anthony Coleman
Anthony Coleman 569 points
Chris Wilkins
Chris Wilkins 565 points
John Tye
John Tye 564 points
Paul Denny
Paul Denny 560 points
Peter Kikianis
Peter Kikianis 524 points
Mark Roemermann
Mark Roemermann 521 points
Matthew Hurlston
Matthew Hurlston 508 points
Crystal Barnes
Crystal Barnes 486 points
Katherina Kostrzak
Katherina Kostrzak 483 points
RonMarshall 466 points
Suzanne Kenny
Suzanne Kenny 463 points
Michael McMahon
Michael McMahon 461 points
Nick Psarros
Nick Psarros 460 points
Darren Pearce
Darren Pearce 455 points
Andrew Freeman
Andrew Freeman 424 points
Scott Bockmann
Scott Bockmann 423 points
Claye Young
Claye Young 412 points