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Glebe St, Glebe

-33.881918359 151.1921932032
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"I hate this street! My motorbike got stolen by bratty scumbag rascal kids!"

I parked my Honda CT110 motorbike outside 25 Glebe St, in the early evening, and within about 30 minutes, it'd been stolen by a kid, and a bunch of kids followed after it. A witness saw this. I told the cops from Glebe COP shop, and they did nothing about it.

I parked there on 14/2/08 (Valentine's Day) and now I'm without transport, since then!!
The residents of that street tell me the kids are 'known to police' but the police do nothing about them.
They also tell me that nearly every day, a car window gets smashed in this street. The only time I'll ever park there again, is when I have backup, and catch them in the act, trying to steal my next bike. I'll be waiting, and watching. Then I'll get the book thrown at them by the cops, or have them severely punished for it by whatever means the law has provision for, or maybe something else will be done!

I've been told this is a Department of Housing area (I've not seen what Glebe St is like, beyond the top of the hill (walking up, from Kelly St), and although some of the people I met there were very nice, and DID speak English, there tends to be TOO MANY dole bludgers, who have nothing better to do than let their kids roam free, and set fire to bins, and steal motorbikes, etc.!!

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Glebe St

"I hate this street! My motorbike got stolen by bratty scumbag rascal kids!"
-33.881918359 151.1921932032

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-33.8758053397 151.1860187122
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-33.880815 151.187791

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