Is the Gold Coast good for raising a family?

Please help me.
I love in Bristol in the UK and we have dreamed of moving to Australia for over 10 years. After visiting Perth, Sydney and GC we have decided that the lifestyle we want is GC (Burleigh etc). I have now spent a year organizing visas etc and almost ready to sell up and move. But...

I am now really worried. The more I dig into the GC the more bad I hear versus good... crime rates armed high, lots of drugs, Disappearing beaches, climate change, busy and tacky Las Vegas vibe. We feel in love others it but now Im worried we had tourist tinted glasses on when we were there... PLEASE can some of you lovely people give me an idea of why a young family should love on the Gold Coast, warts and all. Is it safe to raise kids? Do the beaches etc get old and they reality of its Vegas reputation take hold?

Or... is that stuff in the background like most cities and therefore the dream is still alive?

Thank you all so much for your Honesty xx
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