Which is the safest location in Gold Coast for single mum with 2 kids?

I was wanting to move to Southport area in Jan13, as I wont have a car to start off with so want to be close to everything, Schools, Hospital, Work, Beaches, Themeparks.
My daughters (9 & 12) are enrolled at Southport Primary and Keebra Park State High respectively.
But now I have heard the Southport is crime central and I should reconsider. ARG!

Where would you suggest living that would be good for my kids education, and is close to everything? I dont really want to move to Brisbane as I want to be close to the beaches, themeparks etc.but I will if it means my family is safe.

What are the safest areas in Southport? I checked out the following website and it shows most of the crime reported in the CBD part of Southport, so Im assuming the other parts of Southport are generally okay? http://www.goldcoast.com.au/news/crime-and-court.html

If you have some insight into Southport, good or bad, please would you let me know. I really had my heart set on the place and now Im just confused! :S

Thanks guys

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