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I currently live in Sydney close to beaches but have not visited a beach in 10 years now so that aspect would not worry me about moving to Goulburn. What I would like to know is what are the people like, snobs lol? laid back? lovely friendly people or keep to yourself kind? How are people treated in Goulburn if they they are single parents, children with a disability or are from a different culture or background? What is the internet and television reception like? How hot does it really get in Summer? Are some things ridiculously expensive? this will help me and my extended family in the decision process of whether Goulburn is the right place to re settle. cheers!
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GrahamIrving 2yrs+
Goulburn is a very livable city, with all services just 10 minutes drive from anywhere and no traffic. The people in Goulburn are very down to earth. There will look you in the eye and say good morning as you walk down the street and as such not a hard place to make friends. Goulburn has a wide range of services available for people 'single parents, children with a disability or from a different cultural background. The internet and TV reception is the same as Sydney. It is very much the same temperature as Sydney in summer, but it does not have the unpleasant humidity. Things really aren't expensive because rents for shops are cheap, access to the Hume Hwy for deliveries and it is a working town so locals won't pay top dollar. Very happy to talk to me, Graham Irving on 0429995738 as the developer, or Shellie as the agent. Can show you around Goulburn, visit the builder or visit the site of Birchgrove Estate which are lovely 3 bedrooms for just $339 000.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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