I'm 72 (fem) and coming to live in Adelaide. Happy Valley a good place for a studying retiree?

I'd like to be where there is a population of retirees.
Also, I'm going to be studying Indonesian and Spanish at Flinders, so I'd like to be reasonably close to the uni - especially on a bus route.
I'd like to have a large block for growing vegies and fruit trees.
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Block sizes in Happy Valley are large enough to accomodate fruit tree's.....infact you may find a home with well established ones already. There are lots of bus routes - all from memory head to either Marion Shopping centre or the Flinders Medical centre....perfect for you! There are lots of retiree's in the area, and everyone is pretty friendly and happy to smile and chat. Hope this helps. Cheers, Jason
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
merrallg Thanks for that Jason. The bus routes sound perfect. I'd hate to be in the position of having to find parking at Flinders every time I go there - and I believe in using public transport where possible. I was pointed towards Happy Valley by a lady I talked to at the recent Adelaide Caravan and Camping Show (although I'm now back in South Korea for a few months). She was part of the family that runs that big caravan park, near the beach, up in the north of Adelaide. But she wasn't a local, and had come from Victoria to marry into the Adelaide family that runs that park. She told me that she had a background in real estate, in Victoria, and had really done her homework on places to live in Adelaide - and, although the family business is in the north, she'd homed in on Happy Vally as being the best place to live in Adelaide. That's some recommendation, isn't it.
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