Tasmania bound

Hobart, but any
We are contemplating moving over to Tasmania and have a few questions thanks
One child of eight who will need to go to higher education (Uni) as already acknowledged as high achiever.
He also swims twice a week, so quality swim school is a must.
I would like to go off grid, but not live too far away from amenities as wife does not drive.
The area must be at least 100 feet above sea level as Tsunami threat from 'Alpine Fault' in South Island New Zealand is a 'When' threat not a 'could happen' 30% probability in next 50 years.
But ironically we still love the sea.
Would be spending between $550-600,000 so as to not have a mortgage.
Love timber houses, currently living in Brick and Tile (never again).

We are not too worried about snobbery or well to do private schools as son will exceed at any school.

Want space, never want to hear neighbours again!

Would contemplate building, but would be a tough ask coming from overseas.

Would 'love' Solar panels, wind turbine, battery bank and extremely large shed (really large!)

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DanielG5 Aug 30, 2016
I'm from Hobart, so I can only give advice on the Hobart area. The best private schools include: The Friends' School (North Hobart), St Michael's Collegiate (Hobart CBDish, girls only), Hutchins (Sandy Bay, Boys only), Fahan School (Sandy Bay). There is also Tarremah,the only Steiner School in Tasmania (Kingston Area. If you're after land and bush and close to Hobart, there is Fern tree, or Taroona, or Bonnet Hill, Mt Nelson, which are all lovely suburbs up in the hills with really really good views and close to the prestigious schools and the university.
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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