Is Hope Island a safe, convenient place for young families?

My young family of 4 are moving to the Gold Coast and are looking for a relaxed, safe, low crime area to call home. Hope Island seems to be the perfect place but I dont know alot about it. Is it difficult with there being no schools on Hope Island? Is there really a high flood rate and if so is it difficult to get insurance? Have there been any reported break ins?
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Jose St Ange 2yrs+
Hi Angelica,

I thank you for your enquiry and can confirm that you have picked the perfect spot to look at raising your young family, although we do not have schools on the island you do have a very wide choice 10 minutes from home.
I have lived here for the past 13 years and have raised my family without fear and in relaxed atmosphere, my brother in law is also living on the island and he is raising a young family and also have my In Laws living on the Golf front on the island and we all would not wish to live anywhere else.
We have top class Security patrolling 24 hours a day on water and land, and during my time here I have only heard of two break ins with petty thieving.
The whole resort is built 3 meters above the 100 year flood level so insurance is not an issue, we have witnessed two floods and it only got to 300 mill above the revetment wall thus giving us comfort of over 3 meters to the house, I myself having been here that long do not have flood cover and I am not seeking to have any, the flood plains to the Broad water are immense enough to cope with any flood but I would not discourage you to have the cover for peace of mind.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions, I would only be too happy to show you around the Resort and can also lend you my golf buggy for you to appreciate what we have here.


Jose St Ange,
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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