Why isn't it good for eating out, parks etc. (all things that aren't good for)
and about insects and bugs, are there any harmless ones, or ones that get into you're house.
Is the place completely safe for the family and what is life like there? - school? (are they good, and ones for grades 3-10??
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The area simply doesn't have the economy to support anything worthwhile or interesting. It has the highest rates of unemployment and drug use in New South Wales so theft, muggings and armed robberies are common. The area lacks culture and relies heavily on its beaches to bring tourists to the area. Apart from that there is little else to do. The mid north coast has a high demographic of elderly retired people so young families are not catered for. The area has a lot of mosquitoes and ticks. I wouldn't really say there were any horrible creepy crawlies... there are a lot of leeches around the waterfalls as you would expect and a lot of flies near the dairy farms. Life there is OK. It's quiet and peaceful, but it gets very , very boring at times. I think that little kids might have fun there for a little while; however I know a lot of families are moving out of the area because there isn't anything for their kids to do. Unemployment is very high, school's are OK; but there is a lot of truancy and school dropouts. I think that for grades 3-10 it might be OK, but don't stay there too long, unless you are prepared to end up living on welfare.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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