Is there long term rental options on Homely, or just holiday rentals?

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Fog123 Apr 30, 2017
Hi kassiag,
The rental properties will have a 12 month lease unless it specifically says its only a 6 month lease. The prices are per week and you pay per calendar month.
Why did you think they were holiday rentals?
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
kassiag Hi,
Thanks for your response. It's just that the properties I looked at all seem to be furnished and the description makes them sound like they are being let as holiday rentals. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong ones...?
We hope to move to Iluka, NSW in September so I am just having a look around to see what is available.
There are some great properties on Homely.
May 01, 2017
Fog123 If any of the rentals are furnished it'll say so in the description otherwise the photos were taken while someone was living in the property.
If you're unsure about any you can always email the property manager in charge of the property to clarify, theres a box on every listing page with the agents email address etc
May 01, 2017
Fog123 Hi Kassia,
I just had a look at the rentals in Iluka and i was a bit confused too! If i were you id just clarify with the property manager how long the lease is and whats included
May 01, 2017
kassiag Thank you. I'll look into them individually then. So many say "linen provided" etc... It is really confusing/badly put together. Thanks again though.
May 02, 2017
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