What is Wordsworth Ave, Inglewood like?

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I think you have been mis-informed. Wordsworth Ave is not in the suburb of Inglewood - although many real estate people and property owners in Wordsworth Ave would probably like to think it is.
The entire length of Wordsworth Avenue is in the suburb of Yokine. Going North-Eastwards, Wordsworth Street, is in Dianella.
Along the section of Wordsworth Ave, West of Alexander Drive, only the Northern side of Wordsworth Ave is housing.
The Southern side of Wordsworth Ave, West, is occupied by the Yokine Reserve - a very large recreational/parkland area.
The Eastern part of Wordsworth Ave, East of Alexander Drive also has housing only on the North side.
The South side of Wordsworth St. East, is occupied by the Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre and the recreational/parkland area of Wordsworth Reserve. The Mt Lawley Golf Club is further South again.
There are only about 11 or 12 housing properties in Wordsworth St East. The Mormon Temple occupies a large portion of the land area along Wordsworth St East.
Wordsworth St is regarded as an attractive area to live, due to its close proximity to parkland and recreation areas, and outlook over those parkland/recreational areas.
Yokine is regarded as a moderately affluent area with no major social problems in the Wordsworth Ave area.
The area is becoming more affluent with an increase in new, quality homes that have been built in the last 5-8 yrs.
I would have no problem with moving to Wordsworth Ave to live, it is well located, with easy access to the major arterial roads of Alexander Drive, Central Ave and Woodrow Avenue. It is also an attractive street with a very pleasant parkland outlook along its length.
The Aquatic Centre is well-used, and is an additional attraction if you enjoy swimming activities.
The shopping centre of Dianella Plaza is less than 2kms away, and the Dog Swamp shopping centre is about the same distance to the West.
The only areas of Wordsworth Ave that might be less pleasant to live in, are the residential positions next to Alexander Drive, where traffic noise is higher.
The recent election of the Liberal Govt of Colin Barnett will see a light tramway installed along Alexander Drive, thus increasing the property values in the area and offering improved public transport into North Perth and the City.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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