New to the area, Ipswich State High is the school my child has to go to.

5 x random locals so far have said they wouldn't send their children then. I'm concerned now!!! Can anyone elaborate on Ipswich State High School to send my quiet 13 year old to? We can't really afford private, but will have to look at that if the before mentioned school isn't as 'bully free' as I'd hoped. (I know there's bullies in each school), in fact the school she did go to previously was Robina High School, on the Gold Coast, which was very large and had its share of bullies.
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Zadig 2yrs+
Hearsay can be very unbalanced. That said, children spend a great deal of time at school so finding a school that is right for your child is important and the more information you have about a school the better prepared you are to make that all important decision. You have heard some stories, now how about checking things out for yourself. There are two ways you can do this. Firstly, the school has a webpage - just type Ipswich State High School in Google. Have a look at the small YouTube video on the school's webpage and check out their annual report, available from the same webpage (click on the the download button in the annual report window on the right hand side of the page -the report opens in Adobe). To find out what others have thought of the school have a look at page 7 of the report. Page 7 provides information on parental, student and teacher satisfaction with the school. The report also has a link to the school's Naplan results. The second way you can check out the school is to actually go there. The school "welcome(s) any enquiry about our data and our programmes, and encourage(s) all interested families to visit us prior to enrolling their student/s." (from page 1 of the report). Might be worth a visit before you make up your mind.
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
ddward 2yrs+
thanks for information about Page 7, questioning locals about a school is part of my research I have already made an appointment with the defence mentor and spoken with the redlo for this region. what I was attempting to do was to further my research by requesting ANY info about the school, any opinions. I believe parents, other youths and the elderly within an area not associated directly with the school but with the local knowledge is an extremely important part of my decision process.

with that said again I invite locals young and old to comment on this post IF they have any local knowledge on the school.

kind regards
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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