Does Karana Downs have a history of racism in the community?

I am a 2nd generation Australian (grandparents were born in Greece), born and raised in Sydney, NSW and although I haven't experienced racism myself, I have heard a lot of stories about the racism that is apparently quite common up in QLD. I've always been attracted to the peaceful, semi-rural life, being out in nature while still being within a reasonable driving distance to the city (a 2hr drive to the city is fairly reasonable to me). Having a large enough property where I can raise my own free range chooks and goats and if I'm lucky, a donkey or 2. Karana Downs seems like my idea of paradise, but I am hesitant about seriously considering moving to QLD because of the stories I've heard regarding racism. What is the culture like in Karana Downs? Is there racial diversity? Have there been any racially fueled incidents? Are the people and the community generally warm and welcoming to new members who move there regardless of their cultural background or ancestry? Thanks in advance for your replies.
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