What's single life like in Katoomba?

I'm a 30yo female, thinking about moving to Katoomba (expat). Katoomba appears to be a great place for families, and I'm wondering if there's a good social culture for singles too? I'd love to live there for the outdoors and to run/hike/bike, etc in the area, but also am looking for a good community (and would like to date:)! Thanks!
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chrissyb1 Dec 25, 2016
Can't say for sure because I was married when I lived in the area. There are lots of cool cafes, some theatre groups. You could definitely join a hiking group or or community group of some sort but I don't know what the single population is like there. There seem to be quite a lot of 'down and out' under 25 singles but then there are also retirees, wealthier older types and lots of tourists. So, fairly diverse. On another note, there are lots of festivals in the area...maybe a way to get involved and meet people? More obviously, there are pubs too. I know you didn't ask 'how' to meet people. I can't really answer your question regarding what it's like to be single there but, there are definitely a lot of things in Katoomba for singles to do! You could also branch out further for social life too...Penrith (not the mountains) is about 40 minutes from Katoomba and it a thriving metropolis. I wouldn't recommend living there if you love the mountain views and small town feel but it could be good for socialising on the weekend! Good luck!
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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