what are the schools like in Kilmore?

I have 6 kids and considering moving to Kilmore area and would like more info on what the locals think of the high and primary schools in the area..
I'd also love to know what areas are good to live in and on the local real estate agents as we will need to find a rental property.. Thank you in advance for any help..
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Emily Goumas Apr 13, 2020

Kilmore is a beautiful country town. Has a great community feel, excellent markets, great little stores, peaceful and family orientated.

I would definitely recommend living there.

Thanks and hope this helps

Emily Goumas
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Hi MichelleG2 have you looked at the suburb reviews?
This is what a user had to say:

"I have been here four years and I feel really attached to Kilmore and happy and proud to call it home. We are in our late thirties and are much more into space and greenery than city night life so it suits us perfectly. It is handy to have the train (Kilmore East is the closest station) when we do want to venture into the city, but if drinking you need to have a plan of how to get home from the station which is about 3km out of town. There are taxis you can call or you can even ask other people who are getting off the train if you need help. The station itself is super cute and catching the diesel V-line train makes going into town feel like an adventure.

There is a wonderful playground and free tennis court next to the station and even as adults we love to use both. There are regular home produce swap meets (Kilmore fruit and veggie swap and Wallan home harvest) and also there are the monthly markets and many other events are always on throughout the year...The free local newspaper is a great source of information.

Monument hill reserve is a great place to walk/ride, especially in spring flower season. You will often see wallabies, crimson rosellas and white wing chough families and sometimes echidnas.

There is a golf course and a hospital and reasonably priced fuel at the United Servo. Some cute cafes. Most services are available locally and there are a range of shops available. The post office is open on Saturdays. There are two op shops (Anglican church on Union St and the Kilmore hospital one on Albert St which are open Fridays and Saturdays and have amazing bargains and range) . The library is fantastic! Open 7 days and online you can search and order in any DVDs, CDs, books and audiobooks from any library in Victoria to pick up locally for free. It has free internet for members and non-members. The fitness centre is reasonably priced and has lots on offer.

Kilmore seems to be on the up as the main street is finally being smartened up. If you are thinking of buying, please be aware that there is a bypass being planned and the final route is not yet determined, so be sure to factor that into your research! We don't have kids so can't advise on childcare/schools etc.

We find Kilmore a very lovely, quiet and safe place to live and for us the extra travel is well worth the lifestyle we have, but of course this may not suit everyone!"
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