3.6 out of 10

King Street, Templestowe

-37.7731112801 145.1461097499
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"A bit of a speedway"

King Street in Templestowe extends from Williamsons Rd to Tuckers road, and is a little bit of a speedway. While the speed limit is 70 in some places, I often see people speed down the hill from Williamsons Rd to ramp up for the hill leading up past Ruffey Lake Park. While this is not the ideal place to live (I actually don't think there are many houses in the Templestowe end), it has great greenery being right next to Ruffey Lake Park, and is close to schools.

HOWEVER, there are a number of BEAUTIFUL streets surrounding. Like many major roads, this one is in a great area, but just not the best to live on.


Unranked Streets in Templestowe

"An undiscovered peaceful oasis in Templestowe"
-37.7560665431 145.1493882407
"Too many hoons at night, but some BIG houses."
-37.7617219397 145.1425443911

Wood Street

"Old but improving"
-37.7559162789 145.1302500506
"A bit of a speedway"
-37.7731112801 145.1461097499
"Touch of rural surburbia - Lavishment of trees and greenery - proximity to parks and countryside"
-37.760687166 145.1426673346
"convenience living & amenities value"
-37.749277335 145.1691001666

Rosco Drive

"Quiet, leafy with wide lane."
-37.7553698638 145.1601526188

Robhill Ri

"A fantastic street that is VERY private...although a bit steep"
-37.7623161662 145.1423394855

Forest Pl

"WOW! Forest Place is a beautiful hidden gem in Templestowe."
-37.7690848836 145.1628027322

Wyena Way

"My little piece of the world"
-37.7744465821 145.158281147