Plase can someone advise us which areas not to rent in we are a family of 6 and moving to Perth

My sons are 17,14 and the girls are 7 & 5 .We have been looking at Butler,Clarkson, Joondalup,Kinross, Ocean reef & Wilson,we just want a nice place with transport near by and good schools, any offers or Anyother ideas my eldest son Loves to fish and he needs to be able to meet new friends Thankyou.
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jessiestar 2yrs+
Hi Angela, It really depends on what you are after in terms of lifestyle. If you want the beach then the northern suburbs next to the beach or within a few minutes would be good. Kinross and Ocean Reef are considered better areas than Clarkson and Butler, so the rent may differ in that context. Joondalup is inland but still easy beach access - but not for the teens as they will need you to drive them or catch some public transport as opposed to riding a bike etc... Schools should be reaosnable in those areas, but if you want good private school access then Wilson might be a better choice, since it is closer to the city and quite a few south of the river privte schools - but it is an older area so houses will be different styles. Some areas of Butler and Clarkson do have a Homeswest presence and a different demographic which might influence the other teens your boys end up hanging out with. If you can afford Ocean Reef then that would be my preference, and it is pretty direct access to Joondalup which will be better for transport with the train station close by. If you go to and google maps you can see some of the surrounding areas and get a feel for it - you have probably done that.....but then the next stpe is to drive around the areas and note the bus stops and so on, check the schools on google earth and zoom in for a good look and note streets that have properties listed for rent on the real estate site and go from there.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
Angela01 Hi Thanks very much for all you info will have a good look around.
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