How great is island living?

Hello everyone, Ive been following posts on here for awhile now. Some are wonderful and some are quite disappointing. Ive lived in many places and always gotten on with my neighbors, either good friends or just a wave in the morning and a lend of milk early in the morning. In all areas, theres been robberys, undesirables and wonderful people. Your home is what you make it. I will get involved in some community activities and also keep to myself. I am an artist, now single and empty nester, with health issues.
I have a freind already on Macleay, reading posts about undesirable families is quite disgusting, my freind lives beside a single lady with four children, no help and no close family. Yes she does drink more than she should but Instead of judging this lady just trying to do the best she can, my freind sent over veggies she had grown, sometimes took the kids to the beach or park, helped with washing when her machine broke. Maybe instead of judging, get to know your neighbors, help if you can or maybe just be a sounding board when people are having a tough time. Yes some people are just bad, but youll find that everywhere, not just on an island which is no different to any other suburb in Australia. As for the mozzies, I lived on the water at Redland Bay and yes you get mozzies in summer, its an island and its australia, dont like it, dont move there! Yes on Macleay Im expecting a little higher grocery prices, longer delivery times and costs and having to travel to the mainland on occasion.
The only difficulties Im foreseeing for myself is the initial move (but I hate moving), moving something heavy, (which Im sure a friendly neighbor will help with), not having a boat to spend time on the water, (open to invites ) and trying to decide what community activities to be involved with, there seems to be far to many choices for such a small community.
Have a great day!
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