Moving to Macleay with a young family - Looking for locals feedback.

My husband and I have travelled Australia with work, we now have 2 kids (1 & 5) and I have a Permanent full time job in the city (with option to work from home 2 days a week) so we are ready to pull up stumps for good.

We are getting sick of the hustle and bustle of the mainland and are searching for a simpler life so we are very interested in Macleay island.
I am looking for feedback about -
- Medical emergencies with the kids and response time?
- High schoolers commuting to high school?
- Ferry commute to the mainland?
- Drug use and crime on the island?
- Good areas to purchase and areas to avoid?
- Any internet blackout areas?
- Any lessons, classes available? (swimming/dancing etc for the kids or fitness for adults).

We will be renting before we commit, but hoping to gather a little info.

Many thanks
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