Is it a good offer for scholarship?

Hi I has a question regarding to Xavier scholarship: how much % off do they offer for Academic scholarship?
Do they offer several different % off depending on the student's exam score? In some other types of scholarship Xavier states clearly the % but not the Academic.
I ask because my nephew is offered a 25% from yr 7 to 12 and obviously it is not much. His family is really confused now because they expected a much higher offer or no offer at all (you know, fail the exam). They want to give their son a better education because the boy is quite potential. However they can't afford that much money. For some reason they only want to send the boy to a catholic school and there is not much good catholic school for boy around Melbourne cbd. Now they wonder if the offer they received is indeed a good offer or they should wait for another chance ... Like sending the boy to a normal (not elite) school and investing in private tutor, and wait until he is in year 8 to try for other scholarship/selective school (for year 9) ... .?

Please give us some information and advice. Thanks.
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