Best suburbs around Melbourne for $4-500 for a young family with 2 kids

My partner and I are considering a move to Melbourne from Brisbane. We have a 4 year old and a 3 month old and would like to move before the 4 year old starts school. We're looking for a good area with safe streets and nearby parks, obviously handy to public transport as I'll more than likely be commuting for work. We would prefer a house (with at least a modest yard) to an apartment/unit so the kids have somewhere to play. Our budget in Brisbane would be around the 400 per week mark although we do expect to pay a little more in Melbourne and with a hopefully increased salary, could be able to stretch things out to 500 per week.
We have done a little research although are only familiar with Melbourne from two brief holidays.
We'd be attracted to living somewhere near the beaches so Elwood or Altona or similar would be great. But alternatively we are not opposed to a slightly greener suburban setting potentially with access to a good park or two and so have considered other areas such as Coburg, Pascoe Vale, Essendon and Footscray from the North through to the West and also Kew, Hawthorne and Glen Waverley etc through on Eastern side.
Access to good schooling is a must as our girl will be starting prep next year and a few good restaurants and cafes wouldn't go astray as both being relatively young a decent lifestyle away from home is a plus.
Any suggestions and expectations of pricetags?
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