Could you feed a family of four for $60 a week?

One of our friends asked if it was possible to feed a family of 4 for $60 a week. We understand some people could just not eat, but are their nutritional ways you can feed a family of four for around $9 a day?
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TjayBoxell 2yrs+
Definitely, I mean, you won't have much of a variety of food, but market veges are plenty cheap, especially at the end of the day, I usually buy a bag of about 8 capsicums for $1, one is usually rotten, but you throw that one out, and rinse the rest, and tada 7 caps for the price of one!
And pasta and rice are very cheap, white sauce is only made out of flour, milk, and butter, which is you buy home brand are cheap. And I buy meat that's marked down 70% because it's going off in a couple of days and chuck it in the freezer.
Frozen veges are also very cheap.
So with only $60 you could survive fine, and happy, just not ecstatic. Soup, pasta, pasta bake, meatballs, and spag bol are all things I often make for about $2 for the whole family, just by shopping at the right places.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
RPM1984 Great tips!
PureKrome My worry with all this is getting a relatively healthy diet on such a tight budget. Sure the *home brand* is waay cheaper than the premium brands .. but at health cost, a lot of time. Like, the cheaper stuff is all sugar or salt or fats. On the flip side, the premium brands also don't always represent bang for buck. I find it impossible to spend $60/wk for 4 people. But if you're doing it, then it's technically possible and I applaud you!
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