Melbourne's $20 million+ homes

Not long ago- or should I say eons ago- $1 million would have catapulted you to either Toorak or Brighton. A decade ago $10 million would have seen you grab a terrific mansion in either suburb.

Nowadays, a $20 million + sale is the norm. So without further ado, here are my picks.

1. 1 Towers Road, TOORAK $21.5 million, (Cotton On Nigel Austin)
2. 18-20 Shakespeare Grove, HAWTHORN $21 million Chinese businessman
3. 16 St Georges Road, TOORAK circa. $20 million, Chinese businessman (Wang Hua)
4. Coppin Grove, HAWTHORN, circa. $20 million Melbourne buyer (mystery)
5. 39 St Georges Road TOORAK $24 million, (Harry Stamoulis- building a 7 storey mansion similar to Vanderbilt scions in the USA)
6. 640 Orrong Road TOORAK $20 million Melbourne buyer (mystery)
There are a handful of other estates still yet to be sold:

3 Towers Road TOORAK $25 million (done deal 29/9/14- Melbourne businesswoman)
12 Moule Avenue BRIGHTON (done deal 12/5/14- Melbourne buyer)
750 Orrong Road TOORAK $25 million (Smorgon family- hands down the finest of the lot)

The current record still stands at PORTSEA with Ilukya worth $26 million.

The Frognall estate in CANTERBURY is a delightful peice of architecture. It would definately be worth $20 million, twice the price for a mansion in Monomeath Avenue- one of Melbourne's finest residential streets.

Noticed I've excluded Albany Road TOORAK due to the fact that estates are hard to validate.

UPDATE: 5/2/2014:
Australia's most expensive home has been listed. Entitled "Elaine", the waterfront estate is located in Australia's most expensive suburb Point Piper in Sydney. Currently owned by the Fairfax family. If this sells, a record will be smashed- $100 million.
To put $100 million for a single estate in perspective equates to around 4 or 5 of the very best mansions in both Brighton and Toorak selling for $20-25 million each!

For those of us hoping & wishing to own a $20 million mansion you might as well play one of the following lotteries- (best of luck):
1. USA Megamillions and or Powerball when the advertised jackpots rises to $500-650 million. After taking taxes into consideration a sole winner can still have $200-250 million.
2. Euromillions when there is a superdraw of 100 million euros or jackpot rolls over to 190 million euros roughly $150-280 million AUD
3. Closer to home Ozlotto or Powerball- $50-70 million. Largest jackpot was $112 million Oz lotto in 2012 (four winners)

UPDATE 8/5/2014:
A Chinese buyer has just paid $21 million for 18-20 Shakespeare Grove Hawthorn previously owned by Autoban boss Garry Dumbrell. The buyer is on the hunt for 3 more trophy estates up to $30 million each. Let's see: 3 Towers Road & 750 Orrong Road (Smorgon) in Toorak come to mind.

UPDATE 19/5/14
12 Moule Avenue on Brighton's exclusive Golden Mile has sold for a price estimated to be just on $18 million to a Melbourne family. This now just leaves the 2 aforementioned Toorak estates- 3 Towers & 750 Orrong Roads? Who will buy them?

UPDATE 30/9/2014
An mystery Melbourne businesswoman has quietly purchased 3 Towers Road Toorak for approximately $25 million. So, the BIG question is this; Who will eventually buy 750 Orrong Road (Smorgon mansion)?

(Forgot also- but if ye fancy a trophy penthouse with panoramic views of the Melbourne CBD skyline then be prepared to splash out $22 million for Eureaka Tower Level 84)

UPDATE: 17/12/14
Just in time for Christmas or Hannukha, 750 Orrong Road Toorak (Smorgon estate) has finally sold for a tick over $20 million to a Melbourne family...suprise, expats, no one taking a plane with a truckload of cash from overseas (read Chinese buyers Russian oligarchs etc)...just a local family with deep pockets
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Jason Spencer Dec 07, 2015
The biggest home ever in Australia is now complete at 39 St Georges Rd Toorak. It is a replica of Marble House in Newport, Rhode Island. Amazing. Estimates value the land at $20 million, house at $40 million. See this video
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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