What Suburbs are best suited for Young Families.

When I was looking for a suburb for my first family home, obviously I needed to look for certain qualities. They were all important when it came to choosing the right place. Like any new family home, I intend to stay in the home for a while.
I thought the house of choice must be in a safe area, have good schools, have access to public transport and/or road access and be near enough to shops as well. Looking further down the line, I wanted to find a property that is going to take my money further. So when the time comes to sell, you get an added bonus of your time spent!

Below are some of the suburbs I came across.

Macleod - Median Price $680,000 with an annual growth of 2.1%

Macleod looked like a great place for a young family to start laying some roots.
I found that Macleod was well connected by public transport by being positioned on the Hurstbridge Line and having great access to the Eastern Freeway and the Northern Ring Road, makes getting to and from Macleod very easy.
Being Near LaTrobe University and having access Greensborough shopping center makes Macleod great for the area and convenient for any shopping needs.
comparing prices online, Macleod prices are in line with the average cost of a home in Melbourne as well.
The suburb is full of old styled housing which give the suburb plenty of character and charm, great backdrop for any family.

Kingsville - Median Price $751,000 with a 5.8% annual growth.

When I was considering my options and weighing up whether wanting to still be close enough to the CBD but also wanting the family home, I found that Kingsville was a great little pocket to suit those needs. Just on the other side of Yarraville, I found you get the benefits of not being too far from the center and also enjoy a healthy price growth as well! But you also get the affordability compared to some of the neighboring suburbs.

Mulgrave - Median Price is $700,000 with a 5.7% annual growth.

This quiet little suburb had a lot to offer, I found two major shopping centers in the form of Waverly Gardens and Brandon Park.
What it lacks in immediate public transport links, I found it makes up for it with fantastic road links from the freeways.
It offered a way to live a country lifestyle while still within reach of central Melbourne.

I would love to get peoples thoughts on any suburbs they think are best for young families as its always great to read peoples opinions. :)
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CasioClive Nov 18, 2015
I found Blackburn North to be an affluent area, plenty of tree-lined streets and parks to walk around, we can commute very easily to Flinders Street with a direct train, great schools in the area. Very family orientated and you can take the Kids to Bounce Inc. fun for the adults as well!
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
IndianaS Dec 01, 2015
My suggestion doesn't have a very high annual growth but I grew up there and enjoyed my time there. Nice places to go while also having transportation to get you around and even to the city. I've also met some of my greatest friends in the nice environment. You just might have to get used to the freeway close by. Greensborough - Median Price is $620,000 with 3.4% annual growth.
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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