What tips do you have for decluttering?

I am looking at renovating and I need to declutter the stuff that we have inside our home. What tips can you suggest to declutter our house in a simple and effective way?
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Doneroaming 2yrs+
Depends what you are decluttering ( is there such a word?? )

Clothes I haven't worn for a year get seriously sorted out to: those I like but past being decent get tossed out. Clothes that you could call classical style are kept unless worn out, and anything that has remained in the packaging are donated. I figure there must be some reason I havent worn them so give them to someone who can.

Nic naks that have a sentiment value I keep, others that are just here because they are I usually donate or toss out.

Get yourself a shredder and shred everything in sight that you actually dont need or want - last time I did this I got 22 supermarket carrier bags full. Admittedly I work from home but thats still excessive..

Odd cups, mugs, glasses I donate and buy new, even if from Kmart at less the cupboards look better than with the odds and sods.

Basically if you are renovating its to make the place more attractive, livable, easier, tidier or sellable so take the same approach with your belongings.

Personally I find a new bed cover, a new kettle, new teatowels, drapes, etc and getting rid of things I dont actually need but are here because they are is the easiest and most effective
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
Todd Schulberg
Todd Schulberg Great tips! real good advice!
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