Knock down rebuild on the Brice Ave side! Who's up for it?

What amazes me is that people aren't taking advantage of the bigger block sizes. Not to build dual occupancy but rather a new house on a large parcel of land. Developers come in put up two dwellings and make say $200,000 - $300,000 in hand but if you buy with the veiw to build a new house you might pay say $550,000 for 900sqm and then say $300,000 on a double story with all the trimmings. You would have a 5 bedroom house with a $1,000,000 price tag value. So my question to the younger people is what's stopping you? Realise the suburb you have! Go visit Greenvale and Mernda for some perspective you'll come back thinking WOW! We really have it good here. Invest in the area and it will reward you! Think long term. Some of you have purchased for around $300,000, for another $250,000 it's a gold mine here full of gold. If you don't take advantage the developers will. Consider... It's all here. Discuss.
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