Mooroolbark - RP Data "Top 10 family-friendly suburbs in Melbourne". News Papers a fantacy?

Read an INDEPENDANT suburb analysis for the "Top 10 family-friendly suburbs in Melbourne" ranking Mooroolbark as Number 7. News Paper snobbery often place Mooroolbark much further down the ranking at 200+ biasing inner suburbs and promoting their smog filled residences. Is it just a matter of the inner city trying to promote their dwellings to keep the value at extreme highs? Would you trade the inner city for Mooroolbark's leafy friendly environment, do you prefer to live in a leafy bush like setting away from all that? Is it an exercise in the proverbial cash cow Inner East or are they truly delusional and hell-bent on the cash? Would you trade your guarantee of a seat on the train for the additional 15-20 mins travel into the city for inner city standing room only? Do you prefer traffic congestion to a 10-15 min walk to shops or a 3-4 min drive? Do you think Mooroolbark is underrated because of inner city power play? Do you think Yarra Ranges Council are fulfilling your expectations of what your suburb should be? Have you ever written to local council demanding they address issues that you are concerned about?
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