Which is the best island to live on in Moreton Bay (with least feral types?)

Which of smaller Islands near Cleveland offers the best lifestyle (quiet yet with good cafes/restaurant/bar) and has the least nasty ferals? Somewhere relaxed and friendly, with good parks and beaches, where it's good to walk around?
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dirtyredfox Feb 08, 2020
If you ask the locals, Karragarra Island is considered to be the 'best' island to live on due to its small population, safety and security, close community, almost zero traffic and gorgeous beach/swimming area. It also had the highest land values of all the islands. You will often see the residents of all the other islands flocking to Karra to swim (despite having their own netted swimming areas). Which island is 'the best' is a purely personal choice. A lot of elderly people live on Russell or Macleay because of the location of the supermarket and doctors on those islands. Karragarra has no shops as this is how the locals prefer it. That said, the shops on Macleay are a free three minute ferry trip away, Russell shops are a free 15 minute ferry trip away and the mainland is again, 15 minutes on the direct ferry to Redland Bay. If you like suburbia, MacLeay is probably your best bet. If you like shops and immediate convenience but a more natural setting then Russell is a good choice. Lamb has a local store and small club but is also right next to Macleay for access to other amenities. Woolworths delivers groceries to all the islands. My advice is to visit each personally, get the real estate agents to drive you around and check places out for yourself. If you prefer real Island living, in nature without lots of people, Lamb or Karragarra are sublime. It really is a very subjective question but do your own research and go with what suits your particular needs.
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Dave Gosden Jan 22, 2020
Russell Island, the largest of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands has the most commercial business industry and has the fastest infrastructure growth of all the islands. Currently there is huge NBN installation giving fibre optic connections to every house and a second mobile phone tower currently being constructed on the south of Russell Island in addition to existing mobile phone tower and exchange near the Russell Island Primary School.

For fishing, there's a jetty at the northern end of the island, with a nearby fenced swimming enclosure for cooling off on a hot day.

This is an ideal spot for picnicking in the foreshore park adjacent to the small beach. Sandy Beach is also a fantastic spot for fishing or simply relaxing on the grass, with nearby picnic tables, barbecue area and toilets.
Free camping is also available there.

Walk on ferry is FREE between any of the 4 islands including Russell Island. Creating a unique and diverse community archipelago.
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budgie69 2yrs+
Well, Russell Island has the most ferals, yet is by far the cheapest island of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands group. It is also the largest island, yet is still very limited in terms of cafes/restaurants/bars - a bowls club and a couple of small cafes are pretty much it. It also does not have any beaches (just Mangrove). You pretty much get what you pay for in the Bay Islands. Macleay Island is probably your best bet in terms of facilities and the type of people that live there, however is of course more expensive. Karragarra Island is too small in terms of size and facilities. Bear in mind that none of the islands have a large amount of facilities.
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