Need advice on move to morwell.

Hi, i have been living in dandenong from last few years. From Indian origin and working as truck driver from quite some years I have been unable to save enough money to buy a house in Melbourne. I want to buy a house in morwell, moe or surrounds as we are expecting our first child. We will soon be on single income and I don't see any chance to buying my first house in Melbourne for next few years since the rat race and house prices are going up by thousands each month. Please advise if I can expect to find some work in transport industry and buy a house and expect to have some stability and peace if I make a decision to move to morwell, moe? Are Indian origin people accepted in the community ?
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Sandra Rennie Feb 27, 2020
HI Amans, I am a real estate agent working in the area you are looking to purchase in. I do not have experience in the employment of truck drivers in the area - however l can direct you to a couple of local employment agencies that may be able to assist you in your job search. - Workforce Extensions - Phone 5176 1888 and GBS Recruitment - Phone 51742665. In terms of people accepted in the community - I would hope that you would feel valued and welcomed into the community - regardless of origin. We are an area that is home to a number of people from a diverse range of origins. There are a couple of Indian restaurants in the area - Punjab Court House - 23 Tarwin Street, Morwell and Out of India- 109 Buckley Street Morwell. I suggest whilst in town, you pop in and enjoy a lovely meal and get a feel for the area. Our area is a well serviced country region and prices are very affordable in terms of realestate. All the best with you future move. Sandra Rennie - Sales agent Morwell
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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