Narrogin - Crime and Racism Rumours

I have heard some shocking rumours (indeed, have read some shocking reports!) about the supposed crime and racism problems in Narrogin. How veritable are such tales of woe and despondency?! As a single female, would it be safe for me to live in a town like Narrogin?

Locals, are there any suggestions for "safe" areas of town in which to live? Hints, tricks, forewarnings?

Many thanks!
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SarahLeagas 2yrs+
Hi, Honesltly its not that bad.
Its like any other town.
There area some areas to be wary of such as northwood street, the top of fox street, banister street and kipling street that area. However i have friends in those areas and they never have any issues. Treat people like you want to be treated. Generally areas around Narrogin Primary and the back side of the hospital heading towards Wagin (Herald street south) are the quieter areas of town (traffic and people wise).
But honestly the town is a great place to live.
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
We have moved to (Forrest St) Narrogin from Perth with our 13yo daughter and we love it, our daughter even loves school, and life down here in the past 6 months has been great, everyone we've met has been friendly, relaxed and very welcoming. The Streets starting with the letter F are regarded by the locals as some of the better areas... like Federal, Faiway, Felspar, Francis, Falcon, Forrest Sts are what we were told when we asked where was best to live around town, although at these great prices, we bought another house in Kipling Street, and we now have a lovely family renting from us, and she's been an ideal tenant with young girls primary school age to watch over, so if it was a bad area, she would not risk the health and safety of her beautiful girls...On our recommendations our friend ( a single Mum) moved in to Narrogin after her husband and the kids father died suddenly just last year. It's the most affordable town we've seen, and it has a sizable community with over 5000 people, buying and renting good quality homes is very affordable. They were lucky enough to find a charming house ($220pw) close to us (Fairway St) she has 2 kids, a daughter in Year 8 and a son in Year 6 and we find it such a welcome break fron the busy and much more risky in terms of crime than the country. Narrogin is lovely, the people are friendly, and we discovered after we discovered it was a deceased estate just after we came to inspect the house before we bought it, it had been vacant for 4 years and there was no break-ins or graffitti, the house had a local caretaker who showed people through wanting to have a look. There have not been any race problems we have seen, the local indigenous people we have met at the park while we walk our dog are were lovely people, friendly, and just as keen to spend quality time with their family as we are, just as the other locals we have met. If you took everything you read at face value, you would never leave the house, and the crime rate in the Country is a lot lower than in the Morley area, better than Mount Lawley even and they are considered 'good suburbs' to live in - they also have a lot more higher density living with more people, bringing more crime. The people at Ray White helped us enormously, so ask the locals and don't believe ebeything you read (I worked in Media for 15yrs - radio, TV and press & I saw first hand how they don't let the truth get in the way of a good story - and fear sells! Don't buy it!!.
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
AnomousA Dec 26, 2015
Narrogin is not the place you want to live my house got broken into door booted in the locals always fighting I even had someone try to break in when I was in the Kitchen with my new born son you either get along with the people or not it's as simple as that
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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