Relocating from the UK with a young family...

...Relocating from the UK with a family of 2 boys (one 5 & one 1 year old), office is based in North Ryde - Which suburbs do I begin to look at that offer good neighborhoods for enjoying an outdoors lifestyle, good schools, where families with kids can enjoy the Aussie lifestyle ?

Ideally with local amenities (parks, beaches, restaurants, shopping), not too bothered about commuting time to the office or Sydney CBD, just trying to find the best place to start all of the planning for a move of this nature.

Thanks in advance for your help !
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andys6 Nov 07, 2017
Hi CarlP, just wondering what you decided on eventually. We are moving from UK too, with a 6 year old boy and a 8 month old baby girl. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. thank you.
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CarlP Hi Andy, unfortunately having spend a month investigating as well as evaluating Sydney we couldn't find a location that really provided what we have back home in the UK, it was hugely disappointing. The company I was going to work for would not support us living in Brisbane (where the rest of my family are) & me commuting into Sydney (at my expense) for the week so it all ended up as a non-starter. Maybe we have too much of a good thing where we live in the UK, we really struggled to find a suburb in Sydney that we liked, maybe we where being too fussy but we couldn't find a compromise to enable to move, in some cases it felt like we were taking a step backwards & would still not achieve the "Aussie Dream" lifestyle that we so wanted.
Suggestions a year on - seek far & wide for somewhere to settle, be prepared to have to make some compromises, maybe we should have persevered more & accepted less, my biggest fear was that my wife would be un-happy & not have the support network around here until it established, I feared that had we have made the move we would have returned home as a result.
Hope that doesn't put you off, let me know how you are getting on.
Regards, Carl
Nov 11, 2017
andys6 Hi CarlP, Thank you so much for your response. You were lucky in the sense that you stayed back in the UK.Unfortunately for us, that's not a choice as we are expats here in UK too :(. We have been here for almost 6 years now and have come to love the place. My son is settled in his school and has made great friends. Our visa expires early next year, so Sydney/ Melbourne are our best options. I have a couple of friends who have recently moved from UK to Sydney and are not too happy with the school there ( they have chosen one of the best public schools on the North Shore) I don't know what's in store for us. I think we just need to bite the bullet and take the leap. I am mentally preparing myself to be let down by things but just hope to at least find a school that my son will come to love and a neighbourhood reminiscent of the one we have here in the UK, and hopefully the rest will fall in place. thank you once again. Cheers.
Nov 12, 2017
katieb7 Hi CarlP, interested to hear more about what you have in the UK compared to what you were looking for in Australia? We have 2 children who were born in Oz, we moved back to the UK to be near family but after 2 years although we like life in the UK we miss Oz terribly and plan to move back for our children's and our own futures. Still looking at suburbs and where to move to, so would appreciate your info. Thanks Katie
Feb 04, 2018
CarlP Hi Katie - Upon reflection of the whole experience it made us realise that we're really lucky to live where we do in the UK, we've worked hard to be able to afford & live in a great house within a great community & we have a good support network of friends, all of which I'm sure we could have re-created in Oz but it seemed a tall mountain to climb at the time & we thought it best to not risk what it is that we had worked so hard here for. Upon reflection I wish that I had reached out to the Company that I was going to be working for who sponsored us to ask for ideas of where we should have looked, maybe we were looking in the wrong locations & just couldn't see it. Hope that helps ?
Feb 26, 2018
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John McManus 2yrs+
Hi CarlP

I'm a real estate agent that works within the areas of Willoughby, Artarmon and the suburbs mentioned above by Renee. Feel free to email me on to answer any of your questions.

Speak soon,

John McManus
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Renée 2yrs+
Hi CarlP,
You could have a look at these suburbs: Artarmon, Roseville Chase, Mosman, Castlecrag, North Bridge and Middle Cove!
You can look up these areas in the suburb reviews and see how other users rate the area.
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CarlP Hi Renee, Apologies for the late response, just wanted to say Thank You for your response, we're looking into those areas now & trying to establish together with a school for my 5 year old where to try & settle. Thanks again !
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